ORSC™ Path: Vision & Potential

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ORSC™ PATH: Vision & Potential

Relationships are inherently generative-they produce something the moment two or more people get together. What is created may be feelings or stories or plans or ideas. It could be something as mundane as a task list or as profound as a baby. 

In this course you will focus on partnerships as a creative force, and examine sophisticated concepts like the Path of Relationship, Quantum Physics and Dreams while exploring how to create a shared vision and a strategic plan for achieving that vision.

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  The courses must be taken in order as each one builds upon the previous course.

  1. Fundamentals or ORS@Work
  2. Intelligence
  3. Geography
  4. Path
  5. Systems Integration


Prerequisite course: ORSC™ Fundamentals (or ORS At Work) AND ORSC™ Intelligence AND ORSC™ Geography

Students MUST have completed these three courses prior to taking this course.


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Course Information
Title Starts
Register May 7-9, 2019 East Hanover NJ 2019-05-07 9:00 AM
Register June 10-12, 2019 Toronto 2019-06-10 9:00 AM
Register July 26-28, 2019 - San Francisco 2019-07-26 9:00 AM
Register December 2-4, 2019 - Denver CO 2019-12-02 9:00 AM
Register December 13 - 15, 2019 - Toronto 2019-12-13 9:00 AM