ORSC™ Fall 2018 Series Package - Toronto

  • Location: Toronto Renaissance
  • Date: 2018-09-29
  • Instructor: Varies
  • Course Length: May 2018 - January 2019
  • Hosted By: CRR Global
Course Details

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 We offer two ORSC™ packages for our students:

  1.  All 5 Courses in the ORSC Series (This includes Fundamentals but if you prefer to be registered for ORS@Work, simply let us know in the Comments box during checkout)
  2.  Four Courses - Sans Fundamentals or ORS@Work - This package is for those who've already taken the first course in the Series.


After purchasing, you will be automatically registered for the entire ORSC™ Series for the location and time frame selected - a savings of over a thousand dollars with this package purchase!

 Remember - the ORSC™ Courses must be taken in this specific order:

  1. Fundamentals or ORS@Work
  2. Intelligence
  3. Geography
  4. Path
  5. Systems Integration


If you've already taken Fundamentals or ORS@Work, choose the remaining course package titled 'sans fundamentals' to be signed up for Courses #2-5 in 2018 - for  Fall in Toronto!

Fall 2018 Schedule For Toronto Includes

  1. ORSC™ FUNDAMENTALS - September 29-30, 2018
  2. ORSC™INTELLIGENCE - October 26-28, 2018
  3. ORSC™ GEOGRAPHY - November 16-18, 2018
  4. ORSC™ PATH - December 14-16, 2018
  5. ORSC SYSTEMS INTEGRATION - January 25-27, 2019



  • Course Schedule changes may be made during checkout only to avoid Change Fees. 
  • Any Course Changes must maintain the specified order of the courses to ensure prerequisite courses have been taken.
  • All Course Change requests will be reviewed by staff prior to approval.


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